Our commitments:
more than an attitude,

Controlled irrigation

We minimise our use of water, a precious resource needed by all.

Treatments are not systematic

We minimise treatments and emphasize healthy growth and authenticity of the fruit.

Environmentally-friendly harvest

We emphasize the right time, the right methods, and doing things the right way.

No waste

We use every one of our fruit for the purpose it best suits, where it will provide the sought-after taste pleasure.

Local networks

We minimise travel and have a positive impact on local economies.

Authentic taste

Our vision is simple: if we do not eat it ourselves, we do not sell it.


Fresh fruit, nectars and juices with the genuine taste of Provence







Second step : From blossom to fruit

Before the time comes to taste your first apricots, peaches and nectarines; there is a multitude of things happening in our orchards! Our trees come out of the winter and are adorned with beautiful flowers in white or pink colours, which will eventually give small......